As an investor and Board member I have found MMG has been most helpful in knowing our building and its history.  Our manager always provides us with the necessary documentation and information to be able to run our meetings efficiently and with a high level of accountability. 
Bruce - Client Since 2004
Londonderry Heights
Fast, friendly with reasonable rent rates!  Whatever needs to get fixed gets done fast and properly.
Ken - Tenant For 10+ Years
Meridian Place Townhomes
The professionalism is impeccable.  Information is sent out in a timely fashion regardless of what needs to be communicated.
Kathy - Client Since 2008
Fort Gardens
It's been a great experience.  My concerns and issues are always answered quickly and to my satisfaction – anything from insurance questions to burnt out hallway lights.  The professional maintenance people are excellent! It's one of the reasons I've been here so long.
Leonard - Tenant Since 2010
Brighton Court