Transform your Bathroom into a Private Personal Spa

Limited space, neutral colors, and general sense of blandness summarizes a large portion of bathrooms you'll encounter while renting an apartment. Thankfully, it doesn't take much to convert that blank canvas into your personal spa with the inclusion of a handful of items. Let's explore some tips you can implement easily and cost effectively to create an oasis that will make you eager to spend more time at home.


Start Simple

Sometimes the most minor details create the most impactful results:

  1. Soap Dispenser – Use a fancy soap dispenser to bring some subtle class to your bathroom.

  2. Light Fixtures – Swap the bulbs out for either brighter or dimmer lighting depending on your preference. Or if you're feeling bold try using a different coloured light altogether.

  3. Floor Mat – Adding a plush memory foam mat outside of your shower and/or in front of your sink will help create that relaxing, cozy, spa like atmosphere.

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Decorative Bath Products

  1. Bath Salts – Fill a jar with some Epsom salt or different coloured bath salts and place it on your sink counter or shelf.

  2. Bath Bombs – Place some coloured bath bombs in a bowl to put on display. If you're on a bit of a budget and want to learn how to create your own decorative bath bombs quickly check out

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Fluffy Luxurious Towels

Slightly oversized, extra plush towels will definitely help create that luxurious spa feeling. To go one step further, layer them as such: bath towels on the rack, then hand towels, and lastly wash clothes to create a styled, layered look.

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Soothing Aroma

Instead of having to worry about a lit candle, try incorporating some variation of a diffuser whether it be electronic or not. This will keep your bathroom smelling fresh at all times and aid in establishing that relaxing atmosphere every time you step into the room. Try experimenting with some spa like scents such as lavender, jasmine, ylang ylang, and rose. (These scents can all be used in the bath bomb recipe listed above if you decide to dip into the DIY life)

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Upgraded Showerhead

If it's alright with your landlord, swapping out your showerhead for a rain shower head or possibly even a detachable head will create a world of difference when it comes to your spa sensation experience. Generally, you can find these for a pretty inexpensive price. Most of the heads you'll come across don't require any tools to install either.

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Candles & Flowers

As effective and carefree as the diffusers are, they still can't beat the warm flicker and glow that a candle provides in a dimmed room. Pairing this with fresh flowers will create an all-natural ambiance comparable to even some of the best spas.  

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Curved Shower Rod

To create some more space during you tubbing experience, swap out the standard shower rod for a curved one. That small addition of space will have an even greater impact than you can imagine. Try coordinating your new shower rod with your new showerhead to optimize the appearance of your personal spa.

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A piece or pieces of artwork will help bring the entire room together. Go with something subtle to compliment the other spa features or make a statement with a blast of bold colour to make things a little more fun.

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Hopefully trying one or all of these suggestions will aid in transforming the generic bathroom you have now into an oasis of pure relaxation for you to melt into at the end of a long day.

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