Condominium Property Administrator

Job Description

Our Mission

To be the undisputed number one service provider in the property management industry by continuously exceeding all our customers' expectations.

Our Vision

To be a socially responsible world leader in property management.

Our Brand Values

Everything we do is guided by our values: Do What's Right with Integrity, Deliver Results, Get Things Done, Continuously Improve, Thought Leadership, and Energized Passion.

Position Summary:

Key Responsibilities:

• Condo Papers – Fulfilling requests for Information Statements, Current Financials, Estoppel Certificates, Insurance Certificates, etc.

• Excel Spreadsheet for KPI & Arrears Reporting

• Prepare and mail packages required for the Annual General Meeting (AGM);

• Prepping documentation for annual, quarterly, monthly & semi-monthly site audits;

• Preparing for and transcribing minutes at all appropriate board meetings;

• Preparing proposals and monitoring budgets;

• Creating and modifying annual, periodic and/or project contracts;

• Corresponding internally and externally through newsletters, Genie Pad etc;

• Assist in preparing Draft Operating Budget for each Condominium Corporation;

• Obtaining quotes from vendors and operating contracts;

• Obtaining annual Insurance Appraisal and Renewal Offer;

• Reporting on all major incidents for insurance claims;

• Responsible for insurance appraisals and renewals and updating relevant land titles;

• Pre-planning and scheduling the day to day maintenance and emergency work orders;

• Providing appropriate information packages to all new owners;

• Keeping an up-to-date parking control map for each property;

• Documenting and maintaining inter-office workflow processes;

• Returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner (24 Hours);

• Addressing Owner, Resident and Board concerns and providing direction where needed;

• Reviewing any Bylaw Violations; and

• Any additional monthly Corporate, Condo Corporation or Administrative Tasks.

Required Skills and Abilities:

• Familiar with Condominium Governance (Condominium Property Act & Regulations);

• Property Management experience considered an asset;

• High level of organizational skills;

• Ability to work effectively in a very demanding and fast-paced environment;

• Career oriented;

• Excellent communication skills;

• Has a solid understanding of financial statements;

• Medium to advanced capabilities within MS Office.