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Welcome to Mayfield Property Management, your local resource for condo property management in Alberta. Mayfield Management Group Ltd. (MMG) is a fully licensed, registered and bonded Real Estate Brokerage. We have been providing condominium and rental property management services for over 30 years. MMG is unique to condo property management in Alberta, offering quality management services for condominium Boards and rental properties. Our Senior Management team has an average tenure of 15 years; providing our clients greater value and peace of mind in our understanding of the condo property management industry in Alberta. We take great pride in our on-site management teams and our ability to meet the needs of individuals within our communities.   What is condominium property management? Property management companies are hired by the Boards of condominium corporations as an agent of the Board, to assist with fulfilling the responsibilities of managing residential buildings and ensuring the condo tenants' needs are met. The condominium property management company is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the condominium corporation, which include:   hiring of property managers and service contractors, holding regular board meetings, overseeing administration of owners' meetings, and issuing appropriate and timely notices, determining which repairs and replacements shall be made to the major capital assets of the corporation, managing the reserve fund, including the decision if investments will be made, preparing financial reports and filing the condominium corporation's tax returns, collecting common expense and property management fees, declaring increases and special assessments, responding to complaints (by owners, tenants, employees, etc.), obtaining insurance and maintaining insurance premiums for the condominium corporation, and preparing and providing status certificates.   Condo Property Managers In some instances, the condo property management company may delegate certain responsibilities to the condo property manager, such as the hiring of service contractors and suppliers, collecting monthly condo and property management fees, and creating an operational budget. Generally speaking, a condo property manager is responsible for handling minor repairs and maintenance of the building and its amenities, as well as supervising any work done by outside contractors. Condo managers also communicate with the condo property management company and/or board of directors handling minor disputes between condo unit owners and escalating them to management when necessary. A condo property manager will also work with a condo's homeowner association, if there is one.   Our Senior Management Team is specialized in all areas of condo property management, and proudly offer the following services for condominium owners and Boards:   Provide quotes, procurement, contract administration and management of all operating, maintenance and security services. Undertake all financials including collection and accounting for condominium fees, rental security deposits, utilities, tax payments and all receivables due to the Corporation, as well as payables. Assume financial responsibility for budgeting, administration and reporting to the Board of Directors. Produce timely reporting to the Board of Directors and attend monthly and annual meetings. Operate within the guidelines of the condominium board as well as legislative bodies.   In addition to the condo management services mentioned above, MMG is partnered with Genie Pad, an efficient communication tool for ensuring everyone in the community is informed and up to date on topics of importance. Our simple, yet sophisticated tool has both a public and private portal ensuring transparency and privacy where it matters. As part of our extended services, a customized, professional and well polished website will also be created for your condominium. This will increase exposure of your property, educate new buyers and ultimately increase the property's value.   Our goal is to provide first-rate customer service, experience and dedication in order to safe guard and protect your property's value.  Mayfield Management Group is in good standing with the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI); the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA); Alberta Residential Landlord Association (ARLA); Edmonton Chamber of Commerce; and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  MMG also adheres to the Condominium Property Act; PIPA; Occupational Health and Safety; and meets Land Title Registration requirements.   Led by strong core values, our management team takes a hands-on approach to condo property management and spends the time to not only understand but also achieve the long-term objectives for your property.